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valid until November 30, 2018

Don't wait for the first snow in Gatineau to change your tires!  


Even though the deadline for installing winter tires is December 15, we strongly suggest that all motorists in the Outaouais install winter tires at the end of October.  According to Transport Québec, did you know that summer tires lose their efficiency at temperatures below 7 Celsius?


In Gatineau / Ottawa, it is not uncommon to have early snowfall in late October and November.  The snow is often earlier also in Cantley, Chelsea, Val-des-Monts where the roads are often cleared less quickly!  Enjoy the calm before the storm !!  Install your winter tires now.

$ 70 off selected Yokohama tires 

Service automobile ML is affiliated with the Pneu Prestige distributor, which distributes the world's most trusted brands of tires - Michelin , Toyo Tires , Pirelli , Good Year , Uniroyal , and Yokohama to name a few.


At Service Automobile ML, we buy all these brands and also favor Yokohama tires for their high quality, durability and affordability.  Come see us to discuss it!

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