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Mechanic and repair

Whether it's for the maintenance and lubrication of moving parts or the repair of broken or damaged parts, the team at ML Automotive Service performs all the necessary visual and technical checks to ensure that your vehicle is in optimal operating condition.

Steering, suspension and alignment

Enjoy a smooth ride and a well-controlled trajectory!


The Service Automobile ML team has all the tools to repair and replace suspension and steering parts.


We also use the best equipment for 3D laser alignment of all four wheels, which minimizes wear and tear on parts and tires.

Manual or automatic transmission

Slipping, jerking, squeaking or vibrating: trust the team at Service Automobile ML to make an accurate and precise diagnosis.

Whether it's for pump or belt replacement, an oil changes, a clutch replacement or a cable lubrication - or even a complete transmission replacement - our staff is specialized in the success of such interventions.

Energy efficiency and performance

Concerned about the best possible performance of your vehicle, our team is fully competent in evaluating opportunities to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.


Whether it is by changing the various filters, or the regular maintenance of certain moving parts or the verification of the state of the fuel or combustion systems, Service Automobile ML seeks to minimize with you the cost of operating your vehicle

Electricity and Electronics

Integral part of any recent vehicle, the electrical and electronic components are complex and essential to the proper functioning of all systems.


Before abandoning your vehicle, consult with the team of Service Automobile ML to test, diagnose and evaluate possible electrical and electronic problems.


A simple part replacement could keep your vehicle running for a long time.

Brakes and safety

Brake efficiently in all conditions. The Team at Service Automobile ML checks and maintains your vehicle's braking system and safety devices at every inspection.


Whether it's discs, drums, cables, calipers, cylinders or lines, our technicians keep an eye on your safety.

Ventilation, heating and air conditioning

Being comfortable on the road is important and the ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems are essential to ensure this comfort.


Ask our team to check all the internal temperature control systems of the vehicle for your safety and comfort.

Environmental compliance and exhaust

With its GREEN KEY certification, like many of you, Service Automobile ML wants to achieve the highest standards of environmental compliance. In addition to helping you reduce pollution, our processes encourage us to take all necessary measures to reduce the pollution resulting from our activities.


Service Automobile ML is without a doubt one of the greenest automotive service teams in the Outaouais.

Gasoline and diesel engines

Service Automobile ML makes it its duty to document train its personnel and to obtain the required certifications for all types of engines used today.


For a gasoline or diesel engine, with or without turbo, trust our know-how to drive around with a high-performance vehicle.

Hybrid and electric engines

Unique in the Outaouais region, Service Automobile ML is one of the only independent automotive maintenance companies able to offer maintenance on all types of hybrid and electric vehicles.


Our specialized technicians are continuously trained on all technologies from all car manufacturers.

Tires, parts and accessories

In order to offer you equipment that contributes to the best life span of your vehicle, Service Automobile ML uses and recommends parts and tires that meet the highest standards of your manufacturer.


Our team also offers you parts warranties, when applicable, and keeps an up-to-date record of the parts that have been replaced on your vehicle.


Partnering with leading tire and parts distributors, Service Automobile ML can provide you with more competitive pricing and availability through their extensive distribution networks.

Consulting services in purchasing, selling and fleet optimization

When it’s time to seek advice, trust the team with the most experience.


At Service Automobile ML, we work on and repair all makes and models of vehicles.


The members of our team are able to guide and advise you in your choices of purchase, sale, repair and replacement.


When the time comes to optimize the performance of your vehicle, we are able to guide you in your choices in order to maximize your resources and their return.

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