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Although neglected by some motorists, the windshield is the third most important safety element of a vehicle. Our team is dedicated to replacing windshields and ensuring the safety of our customers and their passengers.

Repair or replace the windshield?

Before a chip turns into a crack, be sure to tell your consultant.  If the breach does not exceed certain criteria, our team will be able to repair the windshield.


During the inspection of your vehicle, our team of technicians checks a number of safety points, including the integrity of your windshield.  In the event that your windshield needs to be replaced, rest assured that we have access to the highest quality windshield models for all types of vehicles.


Wear and tear and scratches

If you drive a vehicle that is more than three years old and the windshield has never been changed, you may notice wear and tear on your windshield.  At average speeds of 50 to 100 km/h, road debris and winter abrasives will tend to wear away the surfaces of your windshield, affecting your visibility or even the effectiveness of your wipers.  Don't expect your vision of the road, especially at night, to increase unnecessarily.  It's perfectly normal to change a windshield to ensure optimal vision, much like you would change the lenses of your scratched glasses.  Discuss it with one of our consultants.

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