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Valid from June 1 to July 31, 2021

Planning a vacation? Even in a heat wave, stay cool on all your trips!


List of tasks

  • Analyze the current performance of your system

  • Check the operation of the compressor clutch

  • Visually inspect the accessible part of the system

  • Recover refrigerant gas and oil from the system

  • Perform a complete vacuum of the system with the machine

  • Replace the maximum amount of gas recommended by the manufacturer

  • Replace the missing oil in the system as well as a leak tracer dye

  • Check system efficiency in degrees Celsius

  • Clean air, drain & disinfection ducts

  • ***Included up to a maximum of 2 lbs of R134 (20$/lbs extra)

  • ***Additional charge for R1234RY system of $130/lbs***

Selling price: $189

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